A Death Sentence

03/11/2012 10:52

Poor Grandpa is losing his hair.  He nearly came unhinged a few years ago when it started turning grey.  Now, his precious tresses were abandoning him all together.  Oh, the heartache!  He hated to admit he was getting old.  Grey and thinning hair was like a giant arrow, pointing out his true age for the entire world to see.

He was in denial for a few months.  We noticed that he wore a hat more often then he usually did.  Later, Grandpa admitted that he hoped he was just imagining things.  But as more and more hairs were found in the shower drain each morning, Grandpa finally had to face reality; he was getting old.  And old people lost their hair.

His spirits were buoyed slightly when he started researching reasons for hair loss.  Many times, he read, hair loss is attributed to a temporary situation and can be rectified.  But as he read, he realized that none of the temporary situations listed were present in his life.

A visit to the doctor sealed his fate.  Grandpa was experiencing male pattern baldness.  The doctor assured Grandpa there were many treatment options.  Of the many treatment options available, the doctor was confident they could find that would help Grandpa.  Grandpa, on the other hand, was less confident.